Hungry Riders Ep 12: Nicaragua & Costa Rica

On this episode, we continue the search for a new muffler, and take a dip in a pool with healing powers.

Hungry Riders Ep 4: Northern Mexico’s Desert Desserts and a Delayed Delivery

In episode 4, we cross our first international border into Mexico. We discover the regional treat of Coyotas, go to the beach, then head into the mountains where we try to deliver a 50 year old package to a Tarahumara family.


From The Beach To The Canyons

We are leaving the beach behind in Guayamas and headed to Copper Canyon. We will try to dodge some expected rain, but it is just that time of year, so there is only so much we can do. Aren has enjoyed the seafood at every available opportunity, while Serafina is glad to get away from coastal cuisine. Sonora (northern Mexico) is known for its high quality beef, and deservedly so. I wonder what kind of food they will have in the mountains?