From San Francisco, CA (June 20, 2012) to Panama (October 31, 2012)

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Cartagena, Colombia (November 4th, 2012) to Ushuaia, Argentina (February 3rd, 2013), to Buenos Aires, Argentina (February 12th, 2013):

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New York City, NY to San Francisco, CA (April 14th to June 7th 2013):

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9 thoughts on “Maps

  1. This reminds me of a real cool Documentary I recently watched called “Cycles South” these folks did something like you guy are doing. I look forward to keeping up with your adventure, and congratulations on your union.

  2. I’m looking forward to see you guys on the road here in Mexico! 😀

    I’m from Veracruz. If you want help or advice on food, hotels, habits, or any other stuff just let me know. I’m already a fan! 😀

  3. It’s a ways off, but when you get to Argentina/Buenos Aires, you should plan a few days to go visit Uruguay. You can take a short (hour or so and they’ll take the bikes, too) ferry from BA to Colonia, then ride to Montevideo and out to Punta Del Este (or further up the coast even). It’s beautiful terrain and, the total distance from Colonia, through Montevideo, to Punta Del Este would be easy to do in a day. Though, I’d highly recommend stopping and exploring each of the cities some.

  4. We learned about your website from Roger Chang , our daughter’s boyfriend.
    It is needless to say that you guys are doing something many of us have considered doing but allowed the security of our work-a-day life to take priority.
    Episode 4 was great! Are you getting along with the language? Years ago I made a 10 day bicycle trip in Catalonia, Spain. I assumed everyone there spoke castilian spanish, supposedly the universal language. Everyone I met, including policemen spoke only catalan. I believe many of the people I met understood spanish or english but pretended not to. Best of luck to you down the road.
    Bill Sellen

  5. Just watched all of your episodes from your website. You guys are doing a dream trip that my husband and I would love to do some day. The longest bike trip we have ever done was for 3 weeks from Newfoundland (where we live) to Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont, and Quebec. Can’t wait to do a longer trip.

    • Thats the Plan! We have heard those roads can’t be missed. We are also considering the Natchez Parkway from Nashville to Mississippi.

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