Leaving the USA

Hiking at Lake Watson in Prescott Arizona

We’re crossing the border into Mexico first thing tomorrow morning, so this will be the last night in the US for quite a while. We really want to thank everyone we stayed with for accommodating us and making us feel so welcome. We have really enjoyed our travels so far and we are looking forward to more continue as we head south. Hasta luego!

One thought on “Leaving the USA

  1. Dear Serafina and Aren,
    I was a friend of Karl’s for a long time and we were fellow photographers in Santa Fe. I knew you, too, Serafina, when you were little. Carolyn put me on to your trip videos and I’ve watched 2 so far. Wonderful. I enjoyed them. I told Jack Loeffler about the videos and he watched them and especially liked #4 because, as you probably know, he and Karl traveled together to Copper Canyon, several times. So have a super rest of your trip. I gather it’s a honeymoon trip, too, so happy marriage.

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