3 thoughts on “Hungry Riders teaser

  1. I wish only the best to you guys. I was just wondering though. Are your bikes large enough for such a long trip. Why did you choose to go with the 650’s and not larger cruisers?

    • Weight is the primary reason. For travel off-road or rough roads that provides all kinds of benefits. These are dual sport bikes that are built for off road and street riding. Many people have successfully ridden 650s around the world. These bikes are actually considered very big in the majority of the countries we will visit!

  2. I got to know about your trip through Tekzilla. I checked the trip map and it looked great! As a Brazilian, I’m just a little sad Brazil is not part of your trip. I also did notice you are going trough Colombia but not Bogota. I do a lot of travelling for the company I work for and Bogota is one of my favorite cities! If possible, you should visit it! E-Mail me or write me @gjuny if there is any information I can give you about Colombia or Argentina. I’m also often in Buenos Aires for work. Best of luck!

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