Packing list:

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger unit
Garmin motorcycle GPS
Garmin handheld hiking GPS


2 Contour helmet cams

Sony NEX-5N(Black) camera for stills and video
1 older point & shoot
2 phones

Camping gear:
Kelty 3-man tent
2 synthetic sleeping bags
2 Thermarest sleeping pads
MSR WhisperLite International Stove V2 (capable of using gasoline) with 1.5L tank
MSR 2 Pot Set

Small cast iron frying pan
Chopsticks as main utensils
Portable grill (I really like my grilled food… and you can grill almost anything)
MSR Dromedary Bag, 6 Liter

for water purification
Water filter to get out particulates if needed
2 2-liter camel back each
2 1 liter water bottles
2 small camping stools

Synthetic Clothes (Each):
2 short sleeve shirts
2 long sleeve shirts
2 Pants
2 long sleeve riding shirts
3 pairs exofficio underwear
3 pairs synthetic / wool socks
1 light wool sweater

Riding Gear:

First Gear TPG Jackets (with zip out liners)
First Gear TPG pants
SIDI Adventure Gore-tex Boots
Scorpion helmets (Street)
Warm and cold weather gloves

Bike Stuff:
Full set of tools for working on the KLR
2 sets of tubes each + tire iron kit
Set of fuses / bulbs
Extra shift lever
3 extra clutch cables (2 zipped tied in place)
1 throttle cable (zip tied in place)
2 full sets of sprockets

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