We’re Back in the USA!

We’ve done it! Almost 10 months after leaving our home California, we are back in the USA, ready to go home. One catch: we’re on the east coast. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to explore more of our home country before we settle back into a routine life, so we bought Honda Blackbirds and will be taking off on a 5,000 mile trip back west. You can check our Maps Page to see our planned route, and also to see the exact route we took through Central and South America.

We will keep making videos, both to finish out our South American Trip, and to document our trip across the USA. Stay tuned!

One month!

Today marks one month on the road, and 2,888 miles! We survived Copper Canyon, and now we’re in Zacatecas making our way further south through the colonial cities of Mexico. Stay tuned for Episode 4 – it’s coming soon!

From The Beach To The Canyons

We are leaving the beach behind in Guayamas and headed to Copper Canyon. We will try to dodge some expected rain, but it is just that time of year, so there is only so much we can do. Aren has enjoyed the seafood at every available opportunity, while Serafina is glad to get away from coastal cuisine. Sonora (northern Mexico) is known for its high quality beef, and deservedly so. I wonder what kind of food they will have in the mountains?

Leaving the USA

Hiking at Lake Watson in Prescott Arizona

We’re crossing the border into Mexico first thing tomorrow morning, so this will be the last night in the US for quite a while. We really want to thank everyone we stayed with for accommodating us and making us feel so welcome. We have really enjoyed our travels so far and we are looking forward to more continue as we head south. Hasta luego!

Arrived in Sedona, AZ

This was our longest day ever on the KLRs: 537 miles. After a late start, we were able to make it to Sedona by sunset. We were unnecessarily worried about running out of gas on the way to Bakersfield a few days ago, but today, we were caught off guard by a low tank thanks to AZ freeway speeds (75mph), and an uphill climb to 7000 feet. Despite having a 6 gallon tank, we hit our reserve tank after only about 160 miles, even though we’re used to reaching 220+ before hitting reserve. At least it’s good to learn the limits of the bikes here in the States! We doubt we’ll have a day as long or as fast as today for quite a while.

First day on the road

We had a fantastic first day on the road. It’s been a while since we’ve just been able to enjoy the ride. We spent so much time packing and prepping for the trip, so it’s a relief to just be on the bikes. We stopped for the night in Bakersfield to visit friends for a couple days and hit some of our favorite food spots (Basque!). We’re currently editing the first episode, so we’ll have it up soon.

Going Away Party

One month till our departure, we had an early Going Away / Birthday / Latin Themed Potluck / Moving Out Party.

It was a lot of fun giving away some of our stuff to our friends and family and the food was excellent. This was likely the last time I would make my smoked ribs (but with a latin rub) and people brought lots of interesting latin themed foods like empanadas, chorizo rolls, peruvian potatoes, and tres leche cake. Along with the american standard of Chips and Salsa, Guacamole, grilled corn and skirt steak tacos.

We still have 1 liter of Tequila that needs a good home.

We should have another party when we get back and see what kinds of new foods we will have discovered.