Links for Fellow Travelers

On our trip, we’ve met many fellow travelers, some with similar routes to ourselves, some longer, some shorter. Everyone has a different pace, and everyone has fascinating stories to tell. Below are the links to those we’ve met. Check out our links page for more updates.

Harry, from England, riding a diesel fueled Royal Enfield. We met him in Panama City and rode the Stahlratte together.

Chris and Chloe, from England and Scotland, riding BMW GS 650s. We met them in Panama City just after they had taken the Stahlratte north:

Raymond, from Georgia, USA, riding a Suzuki VStrom. He recognized us on the street in Panama City, which was the end of his route:

Carmen and Michael, from Germany, riding BMW GS 650s. We met them in Boquete, Panama and traveled the country for a few days, then rode the Stahlratte together:

Georg, from Switzerland, riding a BMW GS 1200 Adventure. We met his bike in Tikal, Guatemala, but didn’t meet him until Antigua. We ran into each other again in Grenada, Nicaragua, then again in Panama City before riding the Stahlratte together:

Ryan, from Canada, riding a Triumph Tiger.┬áHe rode with Georg through most of Central America, and we met him in Antigua, then Granada, and again in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. He’s taking a slower route, so he stayed in Central America after we left:

Steve, from Norway, riding a BMW G650Xchallenge. We met him in Panama City and rode the Stahlratte together:

Christian and Marjolein, from the Netherlands, riding a BMW R80, and a BMW R100. We met them on the Stahlratte on the way to Colombia:

Shannon and Brenton, from the USA, driving a Toyota 4Runner. We met them in Panajachel, Guatemala, as we were all doing volunteer work for through Muskoka for Mayan Families:

Honorable Mention goes to Billy and Trish, from Australia, who have been riding around the world for six years on a Kawasaki KLR 250 and BMW R80. They go home to work for two months out of the year, then travel the other 10 months, always picking up where they left off. Alas, they have no website.