Camera Drive

We are holding a used camera drive with the Muskoka Foundation to support their photo workshops for children in need in new locations such as Colombia.

Support Emerging Muskoka Photo Programs by Participating in our 2012 Used Camera Drive!

We have joined with the Muskoka Foundation as we travel through Latin America, and together, we have started a used camera drive! If you have recently purchased a new digital camera and have an older but decent model sitting around the house or office, please think about sending it to Muskoka! Our budding photographers throughout the globe will surely put it to good use.

Who will receive the cameras?
First and foremost, we are hoping to receive 8 cameras for the youth of our partners in Colombia, Fundación Construyendo Sueños. Aren and Serafina plan to be there in October and put on a photography workshop with those donated cameras. We will show these cameras in the hands of budding photographers in our upcoming episodes. With our visits to Muskoka, we were convinced of the positive influence that photography programs can have in these children’s lives as it gives them a creative and constructive means of expression while showing others the world through their eyes. We are hopeful that this will grow into a larger, ongoing, effort that will eventually result in our ability to send cameras to the newest Muskoka partners in South Africa, Ethiopia, China and Guatemala, giving them the opportunity to participate in the photography workshops.

What are the requirements for the donated cameras?
We are looking for used point and shoot digital cameras that have the following:

  • Manual Capability (F-stop and Aperture control, Program Setting, ISO and White balance control etc.)
  • Minumum of 8MB
  • Maximum 5 years old
  • Battery and Charger functioning and included
  • Any cables and Manuals that can be provided are appreciated but this is not mandatory

How can I donate?
If you are interested in donating a camera, please send the package to the address below. If you would like to send a note to the youth that will be receiving the equipment we are more than happy to deliver this to the communities as well. From our location in the USA, we will send the cameras to each partner organization as we collect enough cameras for each specific group.

Muskoka – Hungry Riders Camera Drive
299 Pavonia Ave
#3-1 Jersey City, NJ 07302

Joining our network!
If you would like to receive updates and stay informed
on the progress of the communities you are supporting with your donation
please send us an email at: (it will eventually be someone at Muskoka). Tell us your full name and what equipment you have donated. We will add you to the newsletter and send you a 5×7 photo made by one of our talented, youth photographers!

11 thoughts on “Camera Drive

  1. You folks interested in a Digital SLRs?

    Canon Digital Rebel XTi Kit:
    EFS 18-55 Zoom
    EF 75-300 mm zoom
    2 batteries
    battery charger (120V)
    UV haze filter
    Book – Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D Digital Field Guide by Charlotte K. Lowrie.

    The viewfinder mirror probably needs cleaning but other than that, everything works just fine.

  2. I have a camera but its more than 8 years old. I really don’t use it and want to give it away for a good cause. Do you have other organizations that will take it? Its a pretty good Canon camera.

    Thank you

    • Hi Rene,

      What are the specs of the camera? What MP? If it is in good shape and meets the other requirements it should work for the kids to learn with.


  3. We’ve got a 6 year old Canon SD450 (5 MP) with a 2GB card, charger and battery. Has the ability to under/overexpose in manual mode but no control of f-stops/aperture so doesn’t quite meet your specs. Would this be useful?

    • Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately that camera won’t work for these kids. They really want to emphasize manual controls. Thanks for the offer.

  4. Hello, I have an older Olympus 5050 camera, which can be point and shoot or fully manual. I have a nice telephoto lense, macro lense and wide angle for it.

    Feel free to email me if you are interested in it. I realize it is older than the requirements, but it might do some good.

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