Arrived in Sedona, AZ

This was our longest day ever on the KLRs: 537 miles. After a late start, we were able to make it to Sedona by sunset. We were unnecessarily worried about running out of gas on the way to Bakersfield a few days ago, but today, we were caught off guard by a low tank thanks to AZ freeway speeds (75mph), and an uphill climb to 7000 feet. Despite having a 6 gallon tank, we hit our reserve tank after only about 160 miles, even though we’re used to reaching 220+ before hitting reserve. At least it’s good to learn the limits of the bikes here in the States! We doubt we’ll have a day as long or as fast as today for quite a while.

3 thoughts on “Arrived in Sedona, AZ

  1. I’d like to suggest you guys add some type of coded details to the end of your blog post something like miles,hours,avg temp,weather,… 537,7.5,101,hot,…

    I’m curious to know how many hour you spent in the saddle and how the KLR feels on a long street ride.

    • Good idea for the extra travel stats. We were originally going to camp on the way near lake Havasu but temps were in the 118 degree range so we just went all the way through. I think it took us around 10 hours on the bikes. We are used having over 100 extra hp with our sport bikes so the KLRs are way different. Comfortable, but relatively slow. We had the throttle wide open on a number of hills just trying to maintain close to the speed limit. The bikes are still a very fun in the twisties even loaded up with all our gear. The last bit of the ride down 89A to Sedona at sunset was very memorable. They should be great on the trip on slower roads and shorter days.

  2. I know what you mean. My Suzuki DL650 generally delivers great mileage. Few weeks ago traveled from Albuquerque, NM to Lake Havasu City, AZ for a V-Strom roundup and with 75MPH Interstates and headwinds all the way, I had a few miles where I was worried about making it to the next gas station. Learned to fill-up when there is the opportunity even with only half empty tank. Also if you find tracking mileage interesting/important, I’ve been using

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